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Ms. Lesser has served as an arbitrator and mediator in a wide range of class and collective actions, including:

  • Fair Lending Act cases

  • Fair Credit Reporting Act claims 

  • ERISA class actions

  • State and federal consumer protection claims 

  • Breach of insurance contract class case 

  • Race and sex discrimination class actions 

  • Fair Labor Standard Act collective actions

  • Tribal Lending class actions


Ms. Lesser has arbitrated and mediated many hundreds of breach of contract claims, involving both private and government contracts, in diverse industries such as technology, securities, transportation, aeronautics, hospitality, healthcare, manufacturing, food service, construction, telecommunications, aeronautics, and energy, including disputes between: 

  • Manufacturing vendors and customers

  • IT companies and customers over software development services

  • Common carriers and customers

  • Force majeure disputes 

  • Patent licensing disputes

  •  Government contractors and government entities 

  •  Prime contractors and subcontractors 

  • Partnership disputes in a wide variety of fields, including law firm disputes

  • Healthcare providers and vendors

  •  Breach of franchise agreements 

  • Contract indemnification claims 

  • Multi-level marketing company disputes

  • Employment-related contract disputes, including tortious interference, non-compete agreements, and NDA agreements

  • Lawyer/client fee disputes


Ms. Lesser had handled a variety of cases in the energy field, from mediating energy futures trading disputes to arbitrating force majeure provisions in disputes between power plants and vendors: 

  • Contract disputes between energy company and supplier 

  • Oil and gas lease disputes, including those involving Native American Tribes 

  • Contract disputes between energy futures trading partners, utilities, and vendors

  • Raw materials disputes between suppliers and coal-fired generation companies

  •  Rate making proceedings between electric and water utilities and customers


Ms. Lesser has arbitrated and mediated hundreds of corporate and partnership disputes under the laws of Delaware, New York, Washington DC, California, and other jurisdictions, including:

  • Joint venture disputes between textile manufacturers 

  • Joint venture dispute between two pharmaceutical companies

  • Numerous partnerships and closely held corporation disputes, including breach of fiduciary duty and ethical claims

  • Lawyer-lawyer fee disputes

  • Law firm breakup cases

  • ERISA claims brought by PBGC and private parties

  • Multiple arbitrations and mediations regarding post-closing balance sheet adjustments 

  •  Insider trading and securities fraud claims brought by the SEC and private parties 

  • Shareholder direct and derivative complaints against corporations

  • Customer complaints against major brokerage houses for securities violations


Ms. Lesser’s experience in the healthcare field has been wide-ranging, including:

  • Qui tam and other whistleblower claims involving Medicare/Medicaid fraud 

  • Contract disputes between managed care organizations and subcontractors 

  • Medical malpractice

  • Credentialing claims 

  • Patent disputes involving medical devices

  • Physician termination disputes


Ms. Lesser has arbitrated and mediated numerous cases involving coverage issues, including a significant 9/11 coverage matter. Other cases include: 

  • Accounting and legal professional liability coverage disputes

  • Representation and warranty coverage claim

  • Multi-party construction cases involving performance and payment bond disputes, subrogation claims, builders risk policy and property/casualty coverage disputes

  • Many errors and omissions, general liability, environmental, mortgage insurance, securities, life insurance and all risk policies disputes

  • Dozens of directors and officers liability claims


Ms. Lesser has arbitrated and mediated a large number of intellectual property disputes, from patent infringement cases to software licensing disputes. Ms. Lesser has also had a number of disputes involving software vendors and customers over alleged inadequacies in the systems. Other matters handled include:​

  • Copyright violation claims between publisher and customer

  • Multimillion-dollar contract disputes involving a major Internet service provider and business partners 

  • Software copyright infringement actions 

  • Music industry copyright violations

  • Software license disputes

  • Patent disputes regarding software development, medical devices, sound systems, automotive, lighting technology, film coding, baby products, ISP technology 

  • Royalty dispute between music copyright licensor and artist

  • Continuing service on AAA FIFRA Data Compensation Panel


Ms. Lesser has mediated disputes concerning:

  • Real estate limited partnerships

  • Eminent domain proceedings

  • Community-developer conflicts regarding proposed land uses 

  • Broker-broker and broker-client disputes

  • Developer-tenant disputes

  • Construction disputes among contractors, subcontractors, owners


Ms. Lesser’s deep experience as a neutral in the tort area ranges from investor fraud claims to professional liability claims:

  • Wrongful death claims 

  • Securities violation claims by investors and acquirers

  • Personal injury claims against a municipality 

  • Premises liability case against hotel

  • Legal and accounting malpractice matters 

  • Sexual assault cases against religious institutions 

  • Libel and defamation claims

  • Product liability and consumer protection class actions 


Ms. Lesser serves as the standing Chair of the Amtrak National Arbitration Panel, which hears disputes between Amtrak and the freight railroads nationwide. She has also arbitrated and mediated:

  • Disputes among common carriers and customers 

  • Disputes among multiple railroads over shared track costs

  • Disputes in the intermodal freight transportation industry 


Ms. Lesser has mediated a variety of False Claims Act and other federal and state statutory whistleblower claims, including: 

  • False Claims Act cases involving Medicare/Medicaid programs 

  • False Claims Act and other statutory whistleblower claims involving government construction and defense projects

  • Sarbanes Oxley and Dodd Frank whistleblower claims

  • Employee retaliation claims under a variety of federal and state statutes



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