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Arbitration is a means by which parties privately resolve disputes in a final and enforceable manner. Arbitration has the advantage of being confidential, unlike public trials. If administered properly, it is faster, more flexible, and more cost-effective than typical litigation. Ms. Lesser has presided as an arbitrator in a wide variety of complex commercial disputes as sole arbitrator, panel chair, and panel member. She often serves in proceedings that are administered by an outside organization, such as the American Arbitration Association. If the parties prefer, however, Ms. Lesser and her staff can also administer the arbitration for the parties. See Resources for Ms. Lesser's arbitration agreement template and her model arbitration scheduling order.

For a representative listing of disputes Ms. Lesser has arbitrated, see Practice Areas.


Mediation is a confidential and informal process designed to assist parties in reaching a negotiated resolution of their dispute. Mediation is not a "one size fits all" process. No one style or technique is appropriate for all mediations. Ms. Lesser uses a range of approaches to help parties to communicate more effectively, move past impasse, and craft creative settlement options. If appropriate for the type of dispute and stage of the negotiation, Ms. Lesser may use evaluative techniques to provide the parties with a neutral and objective perspective of their case in a confidential context. See Resources for Ms. Lesser's mediation agreement template and her mediation submission questionnaire.

For a representative listing of disputes Ms. Lesser has mediated, see Practice Areas.


Ms. Lesser has extensive experience in conducting special investigations under a wide range of circumstances, including questioned business transactions, workplace disputes, and professional liability claim evaluations. Ms. Lesser personally conducts all interviews and will prepare a report on her findings if requested.